“bloom” by troye sivan: a review

“bloom” by troye sivan: a review

“bloom” by troye sivan. out 8.31.2018.

guys guys GUYS i’m so excited!!!!!! the album “bloom” by troye sivan came out aug. 31 and we all KNEW it was gonna be fucking amazing!!!!!! i’m finally reviewing it & adding in my lil article here:

In an unabashed display of self love and queer identity, Troye Sivan is a marvel to behold as he truly “blooms” on his sophomore album. A fan favorite ever since his first album “Blue Neighborhood,” his new collection of pop perfection reminds us all why he is such a standout star. As he navigates first times in young love, his easy, lilting voice passionately expresses his feelings with every catchy beat and tune. My personal favorite track, “Animal,” is a sonically stunning ode to his love (“Boy, I’ll die to care for you / You’re mine, mine, mine, tell me who do I owe that to?”), filled with Frank Ocean-esque influences and a thoughtful 18 seconds of silence to start off. Whether it be achingly lovely ballads or dance pop anthems with Ariana Grande, Sivan displays his wide array of songwriting and production talents. He deftly maneuvers through upbeat, catchy love songs such as “Lucky Strike” and also manages to heart-wrenchingly croon out piano ballads like “Postcard”. On top of Sivan’s heartfelt reflections on themes of love and loss, he is at the forefront of mainstream artists representing the LGBTQ+ and is aware of how lucky he is to have the ability to share “he” gendered songs while others are still striving to come out. Troye Sivan’s “Bloom” is a deeply personal album of self growth amidst heartbreak and experiences fueled by passion and curiosity, evoking a clear image of blooming in love and springtime. Don’t disregard him as just another Tumblr icon — with his massive talent and incredibly magnetic stardom, Troye Sivan is so worth listening to.

so i wrote that for my school newspaper (excuse my unedited, amateur writing lol), and ended up switching to the topic of boygenius (because they’re fucking cool as fuck and the issue was published october so troye would be a lil dated), but nevertheless, it’s here now!!!!! honestly we LOVE a woke king! also the pop perfection + super danceable vibes don’t hurt 😉 i know my article sounds a bit formal, so here are my less scholarly (yeah i hate being reminded of school just as much as you), more down-to-earth track-by-track thoughts.

1. seventeen

  • first of all, what an incredible opening track ugh i stan a legend
  • the PRODUCTION on this. lowkey super into the idea of music editing shit but also i’m very NOT tech-savvy??? but u can so tell the quality & detail that went into this entire album
  • also kinda iffy about troye’s 17 y/o sexual exploits with an older “man” (as opposed to him still being a boy)…. guess he’s okay with it tho???
  • this song is overall very chill / positive cause this boy is OWNING his sexuality and coming-of-age (altho he’s also like 22 so that’s been going on for years)

2. my my my!

  • honestly one of the biggest bops on this album! hated it at first but i kept listening and it’s so fucking good! i attribute the initial hesitation to my reluctance to like most pop music (esp since i didn’t love blue neighborhood) & i have ascended past this judgment! i am a fairy butterfly swathed in rainbows #sorrynotsorry
  • again so fucking catchy i will never stop hating the fact that i missed the concert for this because i literally danced in my room for months to this song and memorized all the lyrics & didn’t see him do this live UGH

3. the good side

  • this song was written for the indie-folk fans out there (ME!) & it’s so sad which i’m so here for (my music taste has been reviewed as “gives me depression” but i’m really about embracing those inner emotions yaknow)
  • the little instrument riff in the refrain/chorus whatever is so kooky & all the background stuff is so hauntingly lovely… acoustic guitar is the loml
  • troye’s voice in this is ANGELIC & really adds to the sadness
  • sidenote: what kinda ruined my initial love of this song is when my friend told me that apparently it’s super condescending to connor franta in some youtuber drama? if you ignore that we’re good

4. bloom

  • this one’s the most overtly sexual song i’ve heard in a while….
  • “progressing to the motor, & boy i’ll meet u right there, we’ll ride the rollercoast, i’ve been saving this for you”
    • ok tbh all the lyrics are super sexual & that’s just so weird because i really associate troye with my 7th grade tumblr phase???
  • but also worth it because it’s such a bop!

5. postcard (ft. gordi)

  • soooo this one is gonna cause some tears whether you like it or not (trust me we love it haha if you’re not for a good cry-sesh, why are u even here? lol)
  • the PIANO BALLAD ugh it tugs at my heartstrings every time and honestly the lyrics are so raw & emotional! u can tell it’s super personal to troye and i just LOVE the melody and the harmonies that gordi adds

6. dance to this (ft. ariana grande)

  • this single came out over the summer & tbh i’m so fucking disappointed i didn’t find it till the album i could’ve been jamming for MONTHS more
  • king & queen of pop ugh it’s so fuckin catchy & GROOVY
  • also see: me dancing around my room all the time
  • the little shimmy beat & drums on this track are so iconic

7. plum

  • this album is full of bangers & plum does NOT disappoint
  • “coming over me, like bitter tangerine, like sirens in the street” damn this wording?? not completely sure what’s going on in this song but so many of the lyrics are REALLY GOOD
  • “even the sweetest plum has only got so long” wise words & a catchy hook!
  • the little riffs in the chorus have been stuck in my head for too long but it’s ok bc it’s troye!
  • also i love the bridge a LOT

8. what a heavenly way to die

  • another SLOW one & the opening warbly piano tones are to die for…. nostalgia, anyone?
  • another very personal song of troye’s heartbreakingly expressed by his magical voice it’s so crackly but SMOOTH at the same time?? no words to describe except LISTEN TO IT
  • “forever is in your eyes, but forever ain’t half the time i wanna spend with you” what a poetic god

9. lucky strike

  • “MY BOY LIKE A QUEEN” is another line i thought i’d be shouting out at his concert tbh
  • and then it leads to a satisfying as fuck beat drop and SUCH a danceable, extremely catchy chorus
    • i’m listening to the chorus right now and my shoulders are involuntarily grooving oops i gtg go take a dance break
  • “i wanna tiptoe thru your bliss boy” if the gay legend hasn’t been present before, he sure is now!!!!!!

10. animal

  • the “thoughtful 18 secs of silence” has fucked me over a couple times but the wait is SO WORTH IT
  • such a beautiful song to end the album with…. :”) sonically stunning AND lyrically amazing i feel all the emotions and all the tears well up wow this hits me
  • besides the sparse instrumentation (ok fine the choruses are pretty full but the verses aren’t), the last third of the song has fucking cool beats & such crazy production???
    • @ 2:39 there’s a beat drop and then the outro of the song has some WILD sounds involved… 4:06 is the one i literally wait for the whole song to build up to!
    • thanks to the fader for notifying me bc that was cool as fuck (also whoever writes the newsletter there is my fav person & is definitely some level of who i aspire to be one day lmao)

soooo all in all i love this album a lot & i have massive amounts of respect for troye sivan as an artist, performer, AND person. i’ve definitely too enthusiastically over-listened to the album now (thanks to the lack of actually good pop albums out there but on that note i am def reviewing all my faves & there are more than 3!). i hope u don’t hate me for reviewing a ton of masterpiece albums from like years ago bc that shit is so good! i could literally go on about all my music feelings/opinions FOREVER. it’s ok i’m on the blogging grind NOW & better late than never!

i will prob only be “reviewing” or writing about a) artists/films/songs/books/media that i REALLY LOVE & want to share over-enthusiastically about, b) stuff i looked forward with the highest expectations but didn’t end up expecting the outcome, or c) stuff going on i really want to TALK about & discuss. i really want people to be reading this (maybe not irl people tho), and spreading awareness is so important.

(if anyone actually reads this) what are your feelings on troye?


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