introduction to me!

introduction to me!

hey guys i’m helen! i’ve got a lot to say & i love rambling on about it. i’m a sophomore in high school and honestly my classes are killing me but today i happened to finish homework at 8:45 (shocking) and decided to play around with this. soooo here goes!

me in france!

before i get started, let me tell you: i had an extreme tumblr phase in 7th grade in which i was super into book blogs & the blogosphere (i feel like we all collectively died off). fast-forwarding through a lot of painfully cringey blog posts (“book reviews”), here i am! i never thought i’d return, but i’m glad i did. i hope i can vent here occasionally and that it doesn’t take too much time from my real life. it’s gonna be hard figuring out what parts of my life to leave out because privacy issues lol (even though i wanna share it alllllll).

some things i love:

  • brooklyn 99 (jake peralta: loml)
    • literally hands down the BEST show. i can’t rave about it enough. i’m gonna have to make a post about it and i’m gonna do research to properly educate y’all and spread the word
  • traveling (my dream is to backpack for weeks with friends)
    • europe, costa rica, really anywhere far & beautiful & rich with culture!
  • photography (iphone or canon rebel t6)
    • not to be cliche but i honestly love taking pictures & documenting my experiences… i’m not sure how people do this for a living but who am i to judge i only WISH
  • music (literally if i lost my spotify & my playlists i would die)
  • concerts (usually indie – they’re literally my happy place but my parents barely let me bc they’re strict)
    • fun fact! i’m supposed to be at the nov. 1st troye sivan bloom tour (honestly such an amazing album i’m writing a review) concert right now but i’m NOT because my mom found out it was a school night…. love that for me
  • writing (soooo it def depends on the mood)
    • school essays make me want cry/vomit/cry
    • but all in all i love writing & READING & words are just so fucking powerful/amazing/world-changing
    • fell in love with cringey fangirling book blogs in 2015-16, but still in love with reading articles! i stalk through NYT & the guardian & pitchfork etc. etc. ALL THE TIME bc i’m in love with the writing & the descriptions of whatever they’re writing about… i want to be like that someday but journalism is dying
    • i promise you i only sound this childish because i’m not tryna make it all sophisticated because that’s so much WORK and i’m just chillin…. it’s my free time & i’ll do what i want!
    • also i wrote some articles for my school newspaper that didn’t make the cut sooooo kinda inspired me to make this blog so i can put them here??
      • also. podcasts. but in blog form. get it.
  • films (at least i’m a wannabe i’m a kid of the 2000s don’t expect me to be cultured)
    • also depends on the mood bc my attention span is so tiny (i still haven’t watched stranger things bc i keep getting bored by the first 2 minutes)
    • letterboxd reviews (esp the joke ones) are hilarious
    • my biggest reach job is movie director/screenwriter/cinematographer! considering i barely know how photography is a real job, i’m REALLY reaching but i feel like i could contribute a lot to the movie industry with my creations & ideas?? i’m so unsure and it’s not because im afraid to be confident but mostly because i am so miserable at everything hahahahhaha

anyway, thanks for hearing me out & i’ll update more later! xox luvers


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